One of the metropolises of Iran, the center of Gilan province in northern Iran, and the city center of Rasht, is the mother city of Gilan province and parts of neighboring provinces. The metropolis is also the largest and most populous city in northern Iran, among the three provinces of the Caspian Sea, and the largest and most populous city of Gilak, the largest settlement in the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. It is the third most visited tourist city in Iran.

Rasht's climate is a temperate climate of Caspian and Mediterranean, with warm, sultry summer and wet and cold winters. Also, the city of Rasht has the first rate of precipitation in the provinces of Iran and the city of Shahrbar.

Today Rasht is considered one of the main agricultural and tourism hubs in the country. Rasht is one of Iran's largest rice poles, a major producer of steel and an anticancer nanoparticle drugs manufacturing company, one of the most important cities in Iran.

The municipality of Rasht is related to the Pahlavi era and has been registered as one of the national works of Iran.