Square of the world


Isfahan is one of the main cities for Iran throughout history. This city is one of the few valuable archaeological centers in the world and many of its ancient works are listed on the list of human works. If it comes from the history of this city, its history is rooted in the depths of myths and myths. The history of this city on the one hand is connected to Solomon and Venus, and on the other hand, the base of Kaveh Blacksmith's movement is announced against the bloodthirsty Zahak.

The significance of Isfahan is so large that it has been assigned to most of the major encyclopedias of the world, and its journeys of exquisite and exquisite virtues have been written down by researchers such as Tavernie, Shardin, and the like of civilization, such as the style of architecture, the school of philosophy And its legal jurisprudence is impressive.


Iran Airtour is flying from the historic city of Isfahan to the holy city of Mashhad on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.