House of Amir-Nizam Garosi, Qajar Museum


Tabriz is one of the oldest regions of Iran and the most important region of East Azarbaijan province. The collection of historical works and archaeological signs that have been obtained from various locations in the city as a result of numerous excavations implies the ancient history and history of the area.


The people of Tabriz are famous for their courage, liberty, and most of all are expressly expressed while enjoying a merry spirit. Tabriz, the mystical mummies and poets, are the origin of bounty and art and the land of the first. The first school, the first printing house, the first theater, the first publication, and ... were in this area.


Iran Airtour is daily flights from the holy city of Mashhad to Tabriz and 2-3 daily flights from Tehran to Tabriz and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from Tabriz to Istanbul.