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From the day Iran Airtour was established it always played a key role in the safe transport of passengers.

46 years ago Iran Airtour Airlines was created with the aim of developing tourism for domestic and international routes.

In 1982 (1361) Iran Airtour Airlines had begun tours to the holy city of Mashhad. Two years later, with the welcome of these tours and expansion of the company we started to develop tours to other countries like China, UAE, India, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Iran Airtour Airlines flight activity started in the year 1992 (1371) and we chose Mashhad as the center of our operations. From our home base we expanded our domestic routes to over 31 cities. During this time we were also given the responsibility of transporting 55% of passengers to the Holy City of Mecca for pilgrimage. With this success we were able to expand the company’s fleet to over 26 aircrafts.

During the past few years with the restructuring of the company we decided to establish two new departments to ensure the future of the company will be bright. In 2017(1396) Iran Airtour Catering and Airtour Technic was established to ensure the high quality and standards we strive for will be sustained. Also this will allow us to lay the foundation for the future of the company.


Human Resources

Iran Airtour Airline is proud to be one of the most experienced and trusted airlines in Iran. With over 46 years of experience and moving 25 million passengers has allowed us to gain a respected position among the other airlines in Iran. This of course could not be possible without the motivation and experience of Pilots, Engineers, Cabin Crew and ground staffs. 


Internal Lines Development

One of the major areas of focus for Iran Airtour is in the networks in Iran. This is to allow easier access for the citizens of Iran and to allow economic growth within the country. We currently fly to over 25 cities with in Iran and a few new destinations such as Kashan, and Sanandaj.  We are always expanding our destinations and looking for new oppurtunities.


Safety First

Iran Airtour is committed to the highest standard when it comes to safety. To ensure this is up held we have followed strict guidelines and standards put in place by Europe which is in the form of IOSA. By successfully meeting all requirements, we were able to become an IATA member. Only a handful of airlines in Iran are IATA members and Iran Airtour is proud to be a part of this elite group.



Iran Airtour is always looking for new ways to improve the experience for passengers. So in 2017 we choose to become independent and start our own inflight catering. We set out to look for the top products to ensure that our final pakage will be enjoyed for passengers of all ages. We wanted to redefine what it means to serve you when you are in the sky and in our home.



human resources


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 Iran Airtour Sale Office

Tabriz Airport

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 5  Number of aircraft
 163-158 Passenger capacity
 67812 kg-72574 kg  maximum weight
 32.8 mtr  wing length
 451 mtr  Fuselage length
 9.1 mtr  mte Height
 37000  Maximum flight time