We always aim to provide our passengers with the maximum levels of safety and comfort on our flights. For this reason, according to international flight regulation and restriction there are some dangerous materials, which are not allowable to carry on board on Iran Airtour Airline flights. To have a safety, it is recommend not to carry these items on board


Please refer to the following table to see what you can or can not take with you on board



Banned and restricted items


Can be carried as checked baggage

Can be carried in cabin baggage

Can be carried on you




 Useable Sprays  at home or doing sport which are not flammable or toxic and do not cause any adverse side effects.


 Toy guns or gun-shaped lighters


 1  matches box or 1 lighter (must not contain unabsorbed liquid fuel other than the liquid gas)


 Wheelchairs and movement aids with non-leak batteries


 Wheelchairs and mobility  aids with lithium batteries or leaky batteries


 Battery –operated wheel chairs and mobility aids with lithium or lithium _ion batteries


 Portable  battery powered  devices with lithium metal , lithium-ion batteries or standard batteries such as: watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers and recording devices





Spares or packs of lithium

metal or lithium-ion batteries, or standard batteries


 Portable electronic devices wıth non-leaky batterıes


 Thermometers or barometers containing mercury


 Medical or clinical thermometers


 Energy-saving light bulbs


Portable electronic devices powered by fuel cell systems, and spare cell cartridges 


Hair curling devices containing hydrocarbon gas

With Empty Gas Tank

 Internal combustion or fuel cell engines


 Alcoholic drinks


Sharp objects (penknives, knives, sticky-style umbrellas etc.)

Up to 2 items per passenger.

Medical oxygen cylinders belonging to the passenger

The cylinder must be empty

 Canisters containing non-flammable or non-toxic gas


 Small gas cylinders containing non-flammable or non-toxic gas


 Standardization devices


 Non-infectious samples in small quantities packed in flammable liquid


 Portable electronic equipment


 Radio isotopic  heart rhythm adjusters, etc.


 Equipment containing radioactive material such as chemical imaging devices, emergency alarm diagnosis device monitors




 money bags


 First aid bags


Dry ice

A maximum weight limit per person 2.5 kg

 Personal self-defense items such as pepper spray


 Personal self-defense items such as electroshock devices


Heat generating devices

With Empty Power Supply

Camping stoves containing inflammable liquid fuel

The stove should be emptied of fuel and left to dry for at least 6 hours before the flight.

 Insulated packages containing refrigerated liquid nitrogen


Arms and ammunition


Only with Permission Of Relevant Legal Authorities