Safety in airline industry

Within the context of aviation, safety is: “The state in which the possibility of harm to persons or of property damage is reduced to and maintained at or below an acceptable level through a continuing process of hazard identification and safety risk management” (ICAO Safety Management Manual (SMM), Doc 9859, Third Edition, 2013).

Safety is the air transport industry’s number one priority.

Airlines have a responsibility for the safety and security of their passengers and crew, and to ensure that their company policies are communicated to their employees.

There is no such thing as absolute safety. In aviation it is simply not possible to eliminate all risks.

However, risks can be managed to a level “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP).

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The Iran Air Tour airline's approach to increase the flight safety levels based on the national and international(ICAO,IR.CAO,IATA) civil aviation lows, as well as the achievement of higher levels of safety through the implementation of the safety management system is the company's policy practices.

Flight and Cabin crew as front-line employees are providing services in Aviation industry with passenger flights and by this perspective they have effective and determinative role in maintaining the safety and security of passengers.

The flight attendants are in direct communication with the passengers; therefore they are bound to learn the latest principles of safety management, and observance the relevant standards and processes in all phases of each flight period, is an important task in order to develop the passenger’s safety culture.

It is appreciated that the passengers as guests of the Iran Air Tour airline, and in order to have safely and comfort flight, shall pay attention to the flight attendants and other employees who are at the forefront of customer relationship safety recommendations, and keep in mind that if in such cases where restrictions applied, it would be only in order to improve health, safety and the security of your loved ones during the flight.

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