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Iran airtour`s safety management is proud that it is in accordance with global standards of aviation industry and also complies with regulation stated by C.A.O the Iran Airtour focuses on the company benefits and valuing customers’ needs by continuously monitoring the airline activities and by analyzing the current processes, preventive actions, and needed corrections. These provide the bed for a bright future for iran airtour airline with performing safe flights.

It`s obvious that safety recommendations and reports of passengers, colleagues and dear users can greatly help the safety manager in I improving the safety level and in result achieving international standards.

Hereby we state that safety manager is complying with the C.A.O regulations which has codificated the needed workbook, and has received the valuable licenses that contains the high grade from the view of safety. The safety macro policies which has been confirmed by the managing director is a valuable capital which is drawing a bright horizon for the safety manager.

We assure that your reports and suggestions will be given effect so that the integrity is kept and the result of the report will be sent to you.

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