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On the Board Services

For your information, we would like to inform you about our in-flight reception and all other services. Our flight catering is subject to the applicable regulations and subsequently the focus in planning and diversifying the foods is rather on the passengers' health and vivacity.

Among the very important factors which should be taken into consideration in planning and specifying the catering services, we can refer to the type of aircraft, the number of passengers, the time of departure, the flight duration, route and the season in which the flight is performed. On the other hand, a valuable and standardized in-flight food shall have the following features:

The foodstuffs standard

The harmony between the reception time and flight duration

The compatibility of services with food packing

The possibility of supplying and conservation of foods in big volumes

The possibility for avoiding food corruption

Cold breakfast

It is served with tea and coffee in all flights, except in short-term flights (less than 60 minutes) when the breakfast is served with fruit juice instead of tea or coffee and on the flights over two hours, the breakfast will be served with fruit juice as well as tea and coffee.


It is a kind of little meals to be rendered between main meals consisting of juice along with one of the following items:

Cookie or cake, Pistachio or almond, one kind of fruit and/or chocolate

Launch and Dinner (cold meal)

Due to the short time of domestic flights and some limitation of the aircraft interior, launch and dinner is served as cold foods and considering the harmfulness of soda beverages, these meals are served along with juice on all flights in all seasons of the year.

On Iran Airtour's flights, the passengers are provided with some newspapers and periodicals in addition to the above reception and the box of first aid and medicines are available for their further convenient.

Newspapers and periodicals

The purpose of providing passengers with newspapers and periodicals is for their amusement and information. The selection of the type of these newspapers and periodicals is made in accordance with the approval by Iran Airtour's Public Relations Department. Furthermore, due to some limitations, the number of these papers per each flight will be on standard basis.

The box of first aid and medicines

Medicine items and auxiliary instruments such as oxygen capsule are available in the aircraft for emergency cases and if necessary, stewards will put them at the disposal of sick passengers, by benefiting from available respectable nurses and physicians.

The schedule of the meals to be rendered in accordance with the time of departure:


4:00 - 9:009:00 - 11:0011:00 - 14:4514:45 - 1818 - 23:5923:59 - 4:00
BreakfastRefreshment Lunch Refreshment Dinner Refreshment