Customers with Special Needs

Particular services

The free special services shall be rendered for patients at airport by the Department of Special Services are as follows :

1- Wheelchair

If the passenger needs wheelchair, the land personnel shall provide it regarding the special codes specified on the ticket at the time of reservation by the ticket issuance office

2- Medical equipment

In case of attestation of the certified physician of the Airline Company and the patient's treating physician, the necessary medical equipment for the patient such as oxygen capsule, oxygen mask and other required medical equipment shall be carried to the aircraft    .

If the patient needs stretcher, personnel of the special services department may render such services for the patient by indicating  STCR code on the ticket at the time of reservation.

If the deaf or blind passengers need help at airport, they may benefit from the necessary facilities rendered by personnel of the Travel Services Office by advising them at the time of issuing ticket and indicating BLND & DEAF codes on their tickets at the time of reservation.

3- Special food

If the passenger need for special diet due to suffering from disease, he/she may advise the ticket issuer office.

 Reception process of patient passengers in chart of Iran Air Tour flights :

To refer to the ticket sale offices or travel services offices holding ticket reservation system.

To advise relevant employee from type of disease ; receive medical form and fill it by the patient's treating physician.

To be confirmed the medical form by the certified physician of Iran Air Tour Airline Co. after signing by the patient's treating physician.

To return to the ticket sale offices or travel services offices after completion of the form and signing it by the authorized signatories.

Seat reservation by the ticket issuance office and indicate necessary information about status of the patient and required equipment for him/her in reservation system.

To submit ticket and medical form to reception counter and make necessary coordination with department of special services at airport for benefiting from the services.

Address & telephone number of the certified physician of Iran Air Tour Co.:

Tehran: Homa medical Center– Homa central departments - Mehrabad airport

Other cities: By making coordination to the ticket issuance office

Validity of Medical Clearance

The medical clearance is valid up to 48 hours for domestic flights and 72 hours for international flights from the date of issue.

Expenses for Patient Escort

Payable expenses for patient escort by physician and nurse for domestic and international flights are as follows:

Expenses for patient transportation on STCR bed, expenses for rendered services by physician, nurse and required equipment during the period of domestic flights shall be paid by the patient or accompanied person as follows:

Rls.900000,- for rendering physician services

Rls.500000,- for rendering nurse services

Rls.400000,- as expenses of oxygen capsule and equipment in case of continuous consumption.

Price of one-way ticket for physician or nurse accompanied by the patient shall be based upon half of price of round trip tickets.

List of those patient passengers who need medical clearance



Blood Disorders and Anemia

Scuba Diving (for the first 24 hours after diving)

Psychiatric illness & Disorders

Expectant mothers and New-born babies (during the first week)

Patients with any Fracture, Casting and Surgery

Ontological , Nasal & Pharyngeal diseases, such as  oddities media, sinusitis and wired jaw

Cardiovascular & Circulatory disorders, Respirator, Gastrointestinal , cerebral, and Eye disorders

Central Nervous System disorders, such as Epilepsy, Convulsion and CVA

Infectious diseases

Process of reception unaccompanied minor child

By observing the following conditions, those children between 5 to 11 years old may traveling without accompanied person in domestic flights of Iran Air Tour Airlines Co.

To refer to Iran Air Tour Sale Offices or Travel Service Offices

To complete the application form of unaccompanied minor children

To reserve seat for minor child by the relevant personnel of reservation system, then issuing ticket for him/her attached with two pages of the filled application form of minor children

To refer to airport authorities and perform process of passenger reception

   One copy of the application form must be delivered to authorities of airport services office in origin country and another copy must be delivered to authorities of airport services office of the destination country.

  Minor child passenger will be under care of chief hostess during the period of departure.

  It is necessary to be indicated UM code and age of child in ticket remarks.